February Balloon News

Hold on kids, there is a lot happening in our little twisted world.

Our latest balloon jam kicked off the new year with style. We had new twisters, old twisters, and people from out-of-town.  You can see my pics here.  If you took any please send them over and I’ll add them to the collection.  Our next jam is not set yet because we are all gearing up for the Annual Balloon Twisting Convention, but I want to get together in early March.

You might have noticed a few changes in our online presence — we have a new website (nearly finished), a “mobile-friendly” version of the site for people on iphones, and this email is coming from a new mail manager.  A new logo should show up any day now.  Phew!  The site has boxes that will slowly be filled with important resources for you:  Local balloon events, places to buy balloons, links to free instruction, other balloon jams, and more.  I am counting on you to keep me posted on shows, classes and links to share.

Locally, there are TWO FREE SHOWS this month for you.  The first is a the funky original balloon artist that you might remember from The Balloon Experience, Addi Somekh.  Addi is a master of the “Balloon Bass Guitar” and he plays improvisational jazz up and down the West Coast.  He is playing a free show on Sunday, Feb 14th at midnight at Rockwood Music Hall, 184 Allen St, NYC 10002.  Check out the flyer.

The other FREE SHOW is Mistress B’s Latex Lounge on Wednesday, Feb 24th from 10pm to 11pm.  It’s at Vlada, 331 W 51st Street, btwn 8th/9th Aves.  Mistress B has gotten kudos from The Onion, Variety, and the Village Voice.  The show is an interactive balloon musical variety show, and lots of fun.  Note:  you must be 21 or over to attend.

Globally, there is a online movement to get a huge balloon twisting event funding to build “Elastic Park”, a huge balloon dinosaur park.  Please take a few minutes out of your life and help us get $50,000 in funding to build the most amazing balloon dino park in history.  We are now in 14th place, and the top ten places get funded.  You can vote every day.  I do (my baby girl also votes).   Vote here: http://refresheverything.com/elasticpark.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with new jam dates, web updates, and more.

Gotta go pack for the balloon convention now,