January 2011 balloon jam news

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There is A LOT happening in our little balloon twisting world, so let’s get right into the good stuff:

First, we are setting the dates for this year’s balloon jams and I do not want to conflict with any other events.  Can you PLEASE email me potential conflicts?  I want to know about things like SAM/IBM meetings, Downtown Clown’s schedule, other jams and conventions, and pretty much anything else that you might go to instead of a balloon jam.

The next jam is tentatively scheduled for Monday, February 28th.  Does that conflict with anything in your calendar?

Second, the annual big balloon twisting convention, Twist & Shout, is within driving distance of NYC this year.  This is a big deal, because the convention will not be back on the East Coast for at least three more years, and may never come back to this part of the country.  So please please please come this year.  It’s pretty cheap (~$200) and the best twisters in the world will be there teaching, demoing, competing, and hanging out.  It’s the best way to learn everything there is about balloon twisting super fast.  Pre-register at balloonconvention.com.  I am sure that there will be people driving from NYC.  The convention starts Feb 16th, so register NOW.

Third is the new balloon twisting TV Show!  The Unpoppables will be debuting February 7th on TLC and showcases a team of balloon twisters in LA making awesome balloons for a variety of clients.  This is the kind of publicity that makes everyone want what we do.  Two of the artists on the team are from our area and you’ve met them at our NY Twisters jams! This first season is pretty short, so be sure to watch and support the episodes so the show is renewed.  Watch the tree trailers here:


The fourth news item is a really odd one.  A little company making balloon doggie bookends is being sued by famous artist Jeff Koons for selling a sculpture with a balloon dog.  Koons makes the famous huge metal balloon sculptures and the smaller collectible plates.  Do you think that Koons “owns” the rights to balloon doggies?  Hilarious ….

Read the Times article about it: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/20/arts/design/20suit.html

Also, check out the bookends online.  They are adorable.  Our friend Funnybone is selling a pair on ebay.  It’s item #330521087110.

That’s alot for one email.  Please email me your potential conflicts, and I’ll see you at Twist & Shout.