The NY Twisters are homeless

Santa Doll

This is a very strange holiday season for all us. Businesses and families are going through happy and difficult times, often simultaneously! For some it was the storm, others health, and some the ebb and flow of the economy. Whatever the situation, we have all found truth in Winnie the Pooh’s immortal words, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon”. And as a group, we are some of the most cheerful people I know!

Santa Doll
Santa Doll

I am thankful for all you who have become a part of this ragtag balloon family by coming to balloon classes and/or jams and spreading cheer with balloons. Amazingly, we have been doing this together for TEN YEARS! During that time we’ve had guests from all over the world come and teach us. We’ve also had students and visitors from from all over. We’ve learned and taught so many different balloons. For example, here are directions for a “Santa Stick”taught at a jam in 2003. I still use that balloon to make my Santa, although I now usually add a quick body, as in the picture on the right.

I was hoping to announce a new schedule of balloon jams and classes, but sadly, we are now homeless. Our home for the past half-decade moved, remodeled, and can no longer host us. Please be on the lookout for a new meeting space in Manhattan for free (and paid) balloon classes, jams, and workshops. It needs to be easily accessible by people taking trains from all over, and a friendly atmosphere for us to twist balloons in. If you have an idea for a venue let me know.

Otherwise, have an awesome holiday season, and I’ll keep you posted on balloon twisting events in the area.


p.s. Does anyone want me to put together a private email list of volunteer opportunities this season? For example, Robert Moy is looking for one or more people to twist at a Christmas party for families at the shelter for the Center Against Domestic Violence in BedSty in Brooklyn. If you can help out, email him at