Happy Almost 2014!

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great month of holidays and are poised for an even better 2014. This was a great year for balloon twisting in the NYC area, and I thank you for being a part of it. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened recently:

First, our pre-Thanksgiving workshop with David Brenion was awesome! He taught a huge variety of holiday balloons that many of us immediately used. It was a nice mix of very simple items and showstoppers. Hopefully we can get him to come back next year and do it again. . . .

American Way Magazine

Next, if you are flying with American Airlines this month please grab a copy of their in-flight magazine, American Way Magazine. They have a nice article on professional balloon artists with contributions from a number of us from around the country. The article plugs the NY Twisters — giving us international exposure. Woohoo!! I have a link to both the online magazine and a scan of the entire article on my blog. I think that is a pretty big deal, and I’m stoked that so many business and casual travelers will read about us in a positive light. Let me know if you hear anything about it.

Shipping Wars Dragon

In October, Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle (of Airigami and BalloonHQ fame) made an awesome balloon dragon for a museum. The coolest part is that the A & E show, Shipping Wars, transported the dragon from Rochester to Brooklyn. The episode aired on Christmas Eve, and now that it’s aired I can “officially” talk about it. The dragon was on display here for a week and stayed looking fresh that whole time. Larry has a short time-lapse video of the dragon construction that you should watch  and look for the episode to air again (or just buy it from iTunes for $2).

If you are a fan of Larry’s big impressive twisted balloon projects, the coolest one is about to start. A bunch of us from the NYC area will work on Balloon Manor in a few weeks. Balloon Manor will be a huge multi-person balloon sculpture of Jack and his beanstalk. This incredible sculpture will be built in 4 days and the completed piece will be viewable from February 5-9, 2014 in Rochester, NY. Make sure to check out the website: BalloonManor.com

Twist & Shout Balloon Convention logo

January is also the start of convention season! Everyone is gearing up for the big balloon twisting convention in February. For over a decade, Twist & Shout has been the place to take the best classes and see the best competition pieces. There’s a stage competition, a dress competition, and figure competitions. It’s tons of fun, and I haven’t missed a single one. Happily, my birthday falls during the convention this year, so come celebrate with me! The early-bird registration ends at the end of 2013, so head over to balloonconvention.com and sign up. Many New Yorkers are also heading to Orlando for the Florida Super Jam next month — that promises to be lots of fun too. In addition to Twist & Shout, the other big US balloon convention this year is Pioneer’s World Balloon Convention. Their early-bird discount ends January 31st.

The good folks a Tricky Business in Long Island have three events coming up:

Dec 27:  Beginner Balloon Class

Jan 8:  Intermediate Balloon Class

Jan 14:  Balloon Jam


That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on everything!