Flyer for Todd's Kidabra Class

March Balloon Twisting News (a jam with Nancy Dalton, and more)

Great news everyone-

Image of Nancy Dalton, Top Twister
Nancy Dalton, Top Twister

All of a sudden there is lots happening in our little balloon twisting world.  There are jams, classes, and more!

First, Nancy Dalton, who recently won the 2012 Top Twister award, will be in our neighborhood for two rare appearances!  Sheree Brown-Rosner is hosting Nancy on March 13th for a balloon jam in Baldwin, NY and Hank Degenring is hosting Nancy on March 19th in Red Bank, NJ .

  • Join us March 13, 2012 from 5pm to 10pm at the Baldwin Coach Diner.  It’s a “Get Ready for St Patrick’s Day” jam and there will be lots of prizes and gifts.  So be sure to wear green.  Contact Sheree for more information and please RSVP on Facebook for the jam.
Flyer for Todd's Kidabra Class
Todd's Kidabra Class on March 21, 2012

Then, I’m teaching a rare area class at this month’s Kidabra #10 chapter meeting on March 21st.  The class is on “Entertaining with Balloons” and I’ll be teaching balloon routines, effects, bits, psychology and more that I use at every gig.  You can get more information at the groups page: or just email me.  It’s free to chapter members and only $20 to nonmembers.

Heading into April, there are two events on the horizon.  The first is a to-be-announced David & Shana Brenion class.  For the second year in a row they were the sell-out class at Twist & Shout, and I am excited to bring them in for their first area class.  David was a guest at a jam last year and held the room spellbound for over an hour . . . . and you’ve been asking him to come back ever since.

Finally, there is an awesome balloon decor seminar in Brooklyn in April 16-18.  Colin Stewart will be teaching a 3-day intensive seminar that goes from beginner to expert.  It is hosted by our friends at J & R Wholesale Balloon Distributors and you can learn more about it on